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This is our FIVE Pack, each handle individually boxed.


We LOVE beer taps and chalkart. So make these the last chalkboard tap handles you'll ever buy! These unique wooden tap handles have a removable magnetic chalkboard!  This allows for easy and endless opportunities to customize your beer tap handles display without ever having to remove the handle.  These 8 inch rustic Walnut wooden tap handles are durable to withstand heavy use. 


🎁 A GREAT GIFT. Each handle is individually boxed, making this a great gift for every occasion.


The chalkboards on these handles are easy to remove, wipe clean, and redesign with chalk or chalk markers from edge to edge, bringing to life your home bar, jockey box, T-tower, and growler.  

8" Premium Walnut Wood (5 pack)

SKU: GB-014
$125.00 Regular Price
$118.75Sale Price
  • FIVE Pack!

    💪 These ONE OF A KIND beer tap handles come with a removable and magnetic chalkboard that allows you to easily and endlessly display what you have on draft in your kegs. So make these the last keg taps handle you'll ever buy!

    👍 PREMIUM QUALITY walnut wood! A durable wood that will last for years, even with heavy use. The 8 inch handle will add the perfect rustic look for your beer taps, mini kegerator, jockey box, tap tower, and growler.

    😁 HAVE FUN CUSTOMIZING! The smooth surface of the chalkboard can be designed with standard chalk or chalk markers. Easy to wipe clean and re-design in full color from edge to edge to show off your newest craft beer with beautiful chalkart.!

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