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Ten Reasons Every Beer Lover Needs a Mini Keg

What is a mini keg?

Well, simply put, it's a small, portable container that holds liquid, usually beer. The beer in a mini keg is typically draft beer, which means it has been dispensed directly from a brewery and has not been bottled or canned. Mini kegs are often used for parties and other social gatherings, as they are easy to transport and can be poured directly into glasses.

How does a mini keg work?

Mini kegs are typically made of stainless steel and have different capacities. They are filled with all kinds of beverages. They are pressurized by a small CO2 and an adjustable dial. So you can keep the can pressurized. And then, just like a regular keg, they come with a tap that is used to pull that amazing beverage directly into the glass of your choice.

So why do I need a mini keg?

There are many benefits to using a mini keg. Here are 10 reasons.

1. Your favorite beer from your favorite bar at home.

Craft beer continues to grow in popularity. From small towns to big cities, craft brewers are serving their spectacular beverages, often brewed in house. The cool thing is that many of these breweries and tap rooms will fill growlers to-go. But bring in your own mini-keg to take home and enjoy fresh craft beer out of the tap.

2. Beer on tap without a huge keg

Because of the size of the mini kegs, they are portable and easy to transport. They are typically sold in either 64oz or128oz sizes. That's the perfect amount of beer to be enjoyed solo over a few days, but also great for a gathering.

3. Perfect for parties/picnics/gatherings

Taking advantage of the compact size and exquisite design, mini kegs are an ideal sidekick for indoor or outdoor activities of all kinds, including but not limited to your home, at a bar, for a party, and even camping. It's just a convenient way to take draft beer with your anywhere

4. Customizable Handles!

Get a beer tap handle with a removable magnetic chalkboard to customize and show off what your serving. And just HAVE FUN CUSTOMIZING! The smooth surface of the chalkboard can be designed with standard chalk or chalk markers from a flat service. When you're done designing, slap it back on to the handle. Easy to wipe clean and re-design in full color from edge to edge to show off your newest craft beer with beautiful chalkart! Check out Gonbae Tap Handles with a removable magnetic chalkboard right here.

5. Save money on draft beer

Filling mini kegs from your local brewery is often cheaper than buying multiple bottles or cans of beer. Your breweries will call them growler fills. Typically sold in 64ozs. The average cost is usually $12-$22.

6. Support Local Breweries

There are so many good local breweries near by. Support them by bringing your mini keg. They'll be happy to fill it with their freshly crafted beers. Then customize that tap handle and show off their amazing beers!

7. Different sizes and shapes for every occasion

Mini kegs are typically 64oz or 128oz in size. The most common one's you find on amazon are cylinders. But this awesome company was recently on Share Tank and offers a unique keg the size of a rectangular cube. They're called The Square Keg. Check them out!

8. Keeps Beer Fresh

If you're anything like us, we love craft beer fresh from the tap. We often prefer it to bottled beers. And while most breweries sell their beer in glass growlers, those start going flat as soon as you open them. Have them fill your mini keg instead, and the CO2 cartridge will keep the can pressurized, ensuring your beer will stay fresh for 7-14 days in your refrigerator.

9. Not just craft beer

Mini kegs are not just for beer enthusiasts. They can be us to hold your a wide variety of your favorite cocktails, cold brew coffee, wine, and even Kombucha. Homebrewers can use it take their home brewed masterpieces to parties and events. We have even seen them used it for carbonated mineral water.

10. The Ultimate Flex

For all the reasons above, let's be honest, it's a flex. Show up to a party, or have one available when you host and you'll have your guests excited to drink what ever you have. At the end of the day, it's just fun to pull your beer, or any beverage for that matter, from a tap!


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