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Gonbae Tap Handles for Every Homebrewer

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Homebrewing and brewing culture is thriving like never before. So, whether you’re an inexperienced homebrewer or a seasoned expert, it’s time to learn about the one accessory that will make your homebrewing experience just as smooth and enjoyable as each cold brew in your glass.

To make sure that homebrewers can easily showcase the different kinds of brews inside their kegerators and express creative beer-inspired designs, we created Gonbae Tap Handles. Our tap handles are designed with a removable and magnetic chalkboard so that homebrewers can enjoy the brewing experience on an even more personalized level. Follow us on Instagram to get chalkart design inspirations!

Homebrewers take time out of their busy schedules to create a host of amazing beers. In keeping with that passion, we wanted to create a product that speaks to the brewing community. Gonbae Tap Handles are designed to help you tell a simple story about the beer that’s inside your kegerator. And that story is something you can keep retelling over and over again.

Helping Homebrewers Enjoy the Craft

Bottom of Keg Tap Handle showing Ferrule Screw

Every time you stroll into a bar or a pub, the beers behind the bar usually have creative tap handles, which advertise the name of that beer or proudly display a creative logo designed by a beer company. Why should your experience as a homebrewer be any different?

Gonbae Tap Handles are designed to make absolutely sure that you can experience that level of customization at home. Use standard chalk or chalk markers to bring attention to the brews that you’ve carefully crafted and express your creativity by drawing beer-inspired imagery or simply give a few details about each brew that you craft.

Just imagine being able to create beer inspired artwork on your own that gives each beer that you brew its very own personality. Share inside jokes about your experience as a homebrewer. Showcase the name of each brew that you create. Make sure all of your friends get a laugh, while pouring brews during every birthday, holiday, or special occasion.

Remember that the chalk designs don’t always have to be artistic. Many homebrewers choose Gonbae Tap Handles because they want to share valuable details about each beer, such as the alcohol content or the type of brew that’s being poured. Our tap handles offer a host of different options to each and every homebrewer.

Our Tap Handles

Now that you have an idea about why every homebrewer needs a Gonbae Tap Handle, here’s a little bit of background on our product. Each tap handle is made with premium walnut wood that’s durable enough to last for years upon years, even with heavy use.

The 8 inch handle gives it a rustic look and feel that homebrewers love. And the tap handle can be installed on kegerators, jockey boxes, t-towers, and bar taps—virtually every one of the more common devices used to dispense craft beers.

The removable chalkboard is magnetic, which helps it remain fixed on each handle, and the smooth surface of the chalkboard wipes clean after every use, so that it’s easy to draw and redraw colorful designs or write detailed information. We’ve made every effort to create a product that really is the last tap handle that any homebrewer will ever need.

Just picture it: blond ale, IPA, pale ale, amber ale, red ale, porter, or stout written neatly in different chalk colors on each tap handle. Draw a “Happy Father’s Day” shout out for the homebrewer dad in the family. Write warm St. Patrick’s Day messages and even warmer birthday greetings for the homebrewer in your household.

So, even if you’re not a homebrewer yourself, Gonbae Tap Handles are the perfect gift for the homebrewer in your life. Help your special homebrewer keep better track of their latest brew or show off their creative side. Regardless of your commitment to being a homebrewer, know that our tap handles are designed to make sure that the world of homebrewing kegerators will never be the same.

Current Facts on Homebrewers

3 Tap Handles on a Tap Tower

Part of the reason that we invested our time and energy into creating Gonbae Tap Handles is because of the intricate history of homebrewing, which has become widely popular over the past few decades, since it was legalized in 1978.

According to the American Homebrewers Association, there are roughly 1.2 million homebrewers across the country. And that number is steadily rising. About two-thirds of them began brewing in 2005 or later. Millennials in particular are much more likely to become homebrewers than other generations.

Homebrewers produce about two million barrels a year, which makes up 1 percent of the total U.S. beer production, reports the AHA. Surprisingly enough, women make up 20 to 30 percent of AHA’s membership growth. Today they report having more than 46,000 female members.

In the past, homebrewing was a hobby that people decided to take up in their thirties and forties, since those same people reported frequenting bars and pubs much less than in their twenties. Now, more younger people than ever are taking up this rewarding and genuinely fun pastime.

In fact, the West Coast has the highest percentage of brewers at roughly 31 percent, while the Midwest is home to about 23 percent of homebrewers, and 17 percent of homebrewing takes place in the Northeast, according to an article published in Mentalfloss.

Some of the top selling beer companies were founded because a homebrewer decided to make their own recipe for a great tasting brew. In particular, a homebrewer founded Sierra Nevada. And the same is true for Bell’s and Ballast Point.

Inspired by home brewers from across the country, former President Barack Obama bought a home brewing kit for the White House kitchen, reads a press release from 2012. After the few first drafts his team landed on some great recipes that came from a local brew shop.

They also took some tips from a homebrewer or two who worked in the White House at the time to create the White House Honey Ale and White House Honey Porter. Imagine how fitting it would have been for Obama to have a customizable handle to showcase what he had on tap!

A Little Bit About Gonbae

Now that you better understand why every homebrewer needs a Gonbae Tap Handle and why we’re so excited to be a part of this community, here’s a little bit more background on our brand. "Gonbae" is a Korean word that means "cheers!"

We were drawn to this name, while crafting the idea for creating premium quality tap handles, since our goal is to support life's finest moments that call for a toast. Whether it’s an anniversary, a promotion, or simply a well deserved glass of a cold brew, we hope that Gonbae Tap Handles will be there to fill the needs of different homebrewers across the country.

Bokdera LLC is the name of our parent company that manufactures and distributes Gonbae Tap Handles. Our mission is to share, create, and distribute imaginative products that can truly bless the lives of others.

To put it simply, we love imaginative yet functional solutions for our daily liveswholesome home recipes, culinary technology, life hacks, and imaginative products that we create ourselves. We know that every product counts, so we strive to only showcase and recommend products that meet our very high standards.

Our passion for imaginative yet functional solutions have driven us from the beginning. We look for three things: premium quality, usefulness, and reliability. To that end, Bokdera LLC seeks to sell valuable products in different categories and markets. And that’s why our Gonbae Tap Handles are available for purchase at our online shop.

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Kegerator next to kitchen counter. Wooden tap handle with removable magnetic chalkboard and glass of beer.

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Marie Eaton
Marie Eaton
02 de set. de 2023

I bought this item on Amazon, but would like to know if I can purchase extra chalkboards, so I can keep my designs for specific beers, but be able to rotate in other beers, at different times of the year

Gonbae Tap Handles
Gonbae Tap Handles
05 de set. de 2023
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You sure can! Send us an email at and we'll take care of that for you. Cheers!

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