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Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Homebrewer

Homebrewing is more than just a hobby; it's a craft that allows individuals to create unique and personalized beverages right in the comfort of their own homes. If you have a homebrewer in your life, whether they're a seasoned veteran or just starting out, finding the perfect gift for this holiday season can elevate their brewing experience. In this holiday gift guide, we'll explore a variety of thoughtful and practical gifts that will delight any homebrewing enthusiast.

Each of the photos link you directly to the product. All links are non-affiliated, non-sponsored links. The links to our products take you to either our webstore or our amazon store.

1. Customizable Tap Handle

Sure enough, the first gift we're going to recommend is our very own handle. Because there is nothing better than pulling crisp, ice cold, homemade beer from a tap handle. The sound, the aroma, the feel of the cup as it fills with the perfect brew. So every homebrewer needs a tap handle that can showcase the work they put in to craft that perfect beer. Check out the one of a kind Beer Tap Handle with a Removable Magnetic Chalkboard!

2. Beer Lover Shirt

Who doesn't love a fun T-Shirt, right?!? There are tons of them out there. This one on Amazon is one of our favorites. You can also see hundreds of options on Amazon here.

3. Mini-Keg / Growlers

Never have a growler go flat again! Fill up a mini-keg like this SquareOne with 8 pints of your newest Homebrewed beer and it stays fresh with CO2. It has a low-profile, easy to use, and portable. So you can enjoy it anywhere! Great for picnics and to bring to a party. SquareKeg is our favorite one on the market. If you need more reasons to get a mini-keg, check out this post on the 10 reasons every beer lover needs one!

Our mini-handle pairs perfectly with this SquareOne and other mini-kegs like this:

4. Homebrew Journal

Help them keep track of their brewing experiments with a customized brewing logbook. This thoughtful gift allows them to document each batch, from ingredients used to tasting notes, creating a valuable brewing journal.

5. Festive Coasters

Every cold glass needs a good coaster! And these cork backed coasters are a perfect match for the perfect homebrewed beer! Create a homey feel while protecting your table, bar tabletop, or nightstand from glass stains and moisture.

6. Wall Art

The homebrewer you love surely as a room, or a corner of the garage dedicated to perfecting their craft. You can spruce up their space with beer loving, hop loving art like this one:

7. Beer Pin

Pins are a fun way to rep what you love. You can throw them onto your shirt, your jacket, your bag, and even your shoes. Reppin makes some amazing pins, but check out these beer pins made in Chicago, IL that every beer enthusiast is sure to love! Here's our favorite

8. Brewing Book

Some times the perfect gift is a good book. And this Beer Bible is perfect for the beer enthusiast in your life. A book for those that are new and the veterans. The book is jam packed with history, facts, and nuggets of wisdom about all kinds of beer from around the whole world.

9. Custom ChalkArt Handles on Etsy

Etsy is a great place to find custom made art work. You can check out our Etsy Store for full color custom chalkart. Choose exactly what you want on the chalkboard, a color theme, and let the artist do their thing. Makes the perfect gift!

10. Swag from a favorite fellow Homebrewer/Brewery

Homebrewing has become a community of individuals who share a passion for all things Hops! Show off their passion with branded merchandise from their favorite Homebrewers/Breweries. T-shirts, glassware, and even artwork featuring their preferred brewery can add a touch of flair to their homebrewing space. Check out this amazing homebrewer: Almond Ridge from Park Ridge, IL.

Other Holiday Gifts for Homebrewers:

Here's a quick list of a few other ideas to get the juices flowing as you look for that perfect gift for the holidays.

High-Quality Ingredients:

Consider gifting premium hops, malt extracts, or specialty grains. Opt for unique and exotic varieties to inspire creativity in their brews. A selection of rare yeast strains or a yeast starter kit can also be a fantastic addition to their brewing repertoire.

Top-Notch Equipment:

Upgrade their equipment with high-quality items like stainless steel fermenters, precision temperature control systems, or a professional-grade brewing kettle. A digital refractometer or hydrometer can help them monitor the fermentation process more accurately, leading to better-tasting brews.

Quality Glassware:

Enhance their tasting experience with specialized glassware, such as tulip glasses for sipping complex ales or IPA glasses designed to accentuate hop aromas. Look for sets that cater to different beer styles.

Brewing Classes or Workshops:

Gift them the opportunity to expand their brewing knowledge with a class or workshop. Many local breweries or online platforms offer courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

Artisanal Brewing Kits: Explore unique and artisanal brewing kits that provide all the ingredients needed for a specific style of beer. From classic ales to trendy sour brews, these kits offer a convenient and fun way to experiment with new flavors.

Subscription to Brewing Magazines: Keep them inspired with a subscription to a brewing magazine. This gift provides a wealth of information, from new recipes to brewing techniques, and keeps them connected to the larger homebrewing community.

Customized Bottle Labels:

Elevate their presentation with personalized bottle labels. You can include fun graphics, brewing dates, or even witty names for their creations, adding a personalized touch to each bottle.

Digital Brewing Tools: Explore digital tools and apps designed for homebrewers. From recipe calculators to brewing timers, these tools can streamline the brewing process and enhance precision.

Choosing the perfect holiday gift for a homebrewer is about sharing in their love for beer. Have fun with it. Whether it's upgrading equipment, providing unique ingredients, or adding a personal touch to their brewing space, these holiday gifts are sure to bring joy to the heart of any homebrewing enthusiast.

To the art of brewing and the happiness it brings to those who savor the fruits of their labor this Holiday Season...


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